Balls of light

Imagine a ball.

The ball is made up of multiple layers, ball within ball. Each layer is a different colored film.

The outer layer is a film of red, beneath is a layer with a yellow hue, next is a layer of blue, then a layer of gray, and finally a layer that of translucent white.

Inside that final layer Is a light, very pure and outrageously bright.

Each layer has clear holes spread across the surface, arranged in unique patterns.

When the ball is awake, the layers are in constant motion. Each rotating with different speeds and trajectories. The total effect is a ball that glows with a muddy, shifting multicolored light. The intense light at the core of the ball shines through the multi-colored layers, combining in different ways. Red and blue creating purple light. Yellow and blue creating green. The gray layer creating dark shadows, and the white layer muting the intensity of the light. However, when holes of two layers align, you see that incredible, pure light shining through. Although it may be still filtered through the colored lenses of the another layer.

When the ball is awake, the layers of ball skin are constantly shifting. Looking at an active ball, it might seem like a kaleidoscope, ever shifting in the light patterns as the colors of the layers combine and holes of various layers align, then shift, then align differently. The light may shine brightly one minute, and be occluded the next. Some layers are frequently in alignment, and some less so, or not at all. Each layer imparts a different color to the light, and only if all layers are aligned do you see the pure, white light that is the essence of the inside of the ball.

Imagine, you are that ball. The layers are the aspects of God. Sit, and meditate. Slow the wild spinning of the layers. Allow them to settle in and find alignment. Allow the pure light within to shine out: unmuted by white, undimmed by gray, unfiltered by yellow, blue, and red. God that you are, shining into God that you are In. Bright. Pure. Light.

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Trusting Bliss

Bliss is. It is all perfect and all possible. How can not trust that? Unless you don’t. Doubts and worries come from someplace else, from a misalignment with Bliss. If everything is perfect, and everything is possible, the only thing to worry about is missing part of the experience of Bliss.

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Don’t believe this

Please don’t believe what you read on this blog. It is not truth. That is to say, it is not the TRUTH, in all caps. It is only true… for me.

What I offer here in my blog about the five aspects is a way, a framework and some methods, for you to experience the five aspects and to come to know the TRUTH through those aspects. This blog is about that same TRUTH, but it is filtered through the five aspects that I experience.

Don’t believe what you read here, but feel free to let what you read serve as inspiration and instruction to experience your five aspects.

Your results may vary 🙂

You might ask, “If this blog is channeled from Source/God, is it not TRUTH?”  Yes, but…

What I do, in writing this blog, when taking pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is the work of manifestation. Taking that thread of source, the bliss of infinite possibilities, giving it meaning, then structuring and directing it with intellect, focusing the energy, and manifesting… that’s the work. Bringing that thread of source, through the aspects, to manifestation, is the goal. Along the way, any lack of purity, clarity, or alignment in the aspects makes the work harder, less effective, and less TRUE.

So, don’t believe what you read here — it is tainted source. It is contaminated with my non-alignment and not-clarity. I try, I channel, I provide to you an example of what channeling source focused through a partially aligned and partly cloudy five aspects being looks like.

Your experience of manifestation — your life — works this way too.  You are bliss. You receive knowing. You see and discern. You direct energy. You manifest. All is source. Your alignment and clarity are of paramount importance in order to effectively channel source through to your manifestation.

Use what you read here. Connect with your bliss aspect. Know what is TRUE for you. Use your intellect to discern what will aide you in your journey. Receive the beneficial energy. And, manifest your truth, your beauty, and your goodness.


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I know you’ve been surfing the web, reading your email, checking out recipes, and now have seemingly, surprisingly, stumbled upon this blog post. It’s fun, right? It takes you out of your head, away from the stress and bother of the day-to-day. I love the Inter-webs!

Now, I invite you to stop for a moment and consider…. What is the status of the five aspects at this exact moment? How does this surfing behavior affect the alignment and activation of the five aspects?

Where are you right now? Can you feel your body in space and time? The physical aspect is often the first to be ignored when sitting at a computer or interacting on the web. Other than your fingers swiping and tapping the screen, your body disappears and the physical reality of the moment fades. Close you eyes for a moment and reconnect with the physical aspect. You don’t have to stop reading or surfing. Attempt to connect your actions with where you are in space and time. (Wiggle your toes to remind yourself of the rest of your body. Take three, strategic, deep breaths. Look around you and select an object to connect with.)

Is the energy you are experiencing your own? Or, is it coming from external sources? If, for example, you are sitting in a coffee shop while reading this, the energy may be coming from the space. Name it, and then Set an intention for the next best positive energy you can produce.

If you have been surfing for very long, your intellect may be in “receive only” mode. Is everything going straight to memory, or are you processing, discerning, discriminating? What do you think about this post? Send me a comment!

What do your know? What secret is your heart ready to reveal right now? Sit with this truth until you are ready to accept it.

And know this too: everything is perfect, just the way it is. All is Well. All is Love.

May peace be with you, and with all the world.

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Happy New Year 2014

Wishing you bliss, heartfelt connections, mindful communication, beneficial relationships, and manifestation of your heart’s desires.


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Wisdom At Work Poem

I wrote this poem for the closing at the October 2011 Wisdom at Work luncheon. It’s yet another variation on the theme.

Bring your body to work

– be present where you are

Bring your energy to work

– feel the flow of love in what you do

Bring your Intellect to work

– for the clarity to choose well

Bring your Wisdom to work

– to inform your choices with deep seated knowing

Your work is then bliss

– where source manifests with abundance and compassion



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The Universe and You

There is a school of thought that the universe operates as a hologram: the whole is encoded in the part (see Holographic Universe). If this is true, then you are not only in the universe, but the universe is in you. Some people call this wholeness “God”. I like that word. That’s why I say in my prayer, “God that is in me, God that I am in.”

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How to Use the Five Aspect Meditation

Although I live a busy live, like I’m sure you do, I am usually able to find time for a 20-minute meditation each day. When given more time, I will take it to luxuriate even more fully in the aligning of the aspects. I usually set a timer because time passes so quickly in the “alpha state” produced by the meditation.

I follow the meditation, from physical to energetic, intuitive, intellect, bliss, to God. At each level, I feel myself aligning and clearing the aspect allowing the next aspect in to be accessed. Reaching the final level, I sit with God and experience the God that I am and the God that I am in. When the timer bell chimes, I begin to ascend through the aspects, polishing them with gratitude. This full meditation is a practice that never ceases to amaze me with it’s power.

Besides my daily practice, I also find myself using the five aspect meditations several times a day. More on stressful days, and more when I am putting myself in situations where I need to be at my very best self. Whenever I feel that I’m getting caught up in, and simply reacting to, the external reality rather than coming from my innermost core and God reality, I stop for a moment of meditation. After using the meditation for so long, I can literally just think of the levels by number and say to myself, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0-God that I am, God that I am in.” As I say the number of the level my consciousness retreats from a place of physical reality to energetic reality to intuition, then intellect, to bliss, and finally back to were it begins: with the God that I am and God that I am in. I say and feel the truth of, “I Sit With God.” After resetting my center there, I come back through the levels, one breath at a time “1 bliss, 2 intuition, 3 intellect, 4 energy, 5 manifestation.” This takes approximately 3 minutes to complete. I feel clear and focused, with God shining through the aspect lens.

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Love as Manifesting Energy

Here’s a fabulous piece about the aspect of energy, and how it is related to the emotion and associated feeling of love. I’m sure we’ve all felt it… that surge feeling, the rhythmic pulsation of love. You know it is real because it is palpable and visceral sensation.


We are accustomed to consider (and with what a refinement of
analysis !) only the sentimental face of love, the joy and miseries
it causes us. It is in its natural dynamism and its evolutionary
significance that I shall be dealing with it here, with a view to
determining the ultimate phases of the phenomenon of man.

Considered in its full biological reality, love-that is to say,
the affinity of being with being-is not peculiar to man. It is
a general property of all life and as such it embraces, in its varieties
and degrees, all the forms successively adopted by organised
matter. In the mammals, so close to ourselves, it is easily recognised
in its different modalities : sexual passion, parental instinct,
social solidarity, etc. Farther off, that is to say lower down on
the tree of life, analogies are more obscure until they become so
faint as to be imperceptible. But this is the place to repeat what
I said earlier when we were discussing the ‘ within of things ‘.
If there were no real internal propensity to unite, even at a prodigiously
rudimentary level-indeed in the molecule itself–it
would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up,
with us, in ‘ horninised ‘ form. By rights, to be certain of its
presence in ourselves, we should assume its presence, at least in
an inchoate form, in everydung that is. And in fact if we look
around us at the confluent ascent of consciousnesses, we see it
is not lacking anywhere. Plato felt this and has immortalised
the idea in his Dialogues. Later, with thinkers like Nicolas of
Cusa, mediaeval philosphy returned technically to the same
notion. Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world
seek each other so that the world may come to being. This is
no metaphor ; and it is much more than poetry. Whether as a
force or a curvature, the universal gravity of bodies, so strilung
to us, is merely the reverse or shadow of that which really moves
nature. To perceive cosmic energy ‘ at the fount ‘ we must, if
there is a within of things, go down into the internal or radial
zone of spiritual attractions.

Love in all its subtleties is nothing more, and nothing less, than
the more or less direct trace marked on the heart of the element
by the psychic convergence of the universe upon itself.
THE PHENOMENON OF MAN, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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You Are God

Know this: You Are God. If God is infinite, everywhere and everything, then by definition you are also God.

Now, don’t let this go to your head. Remember also this: God is Everywhere and Everything is God. So the rude guy that lives next door is also God. The chair you are sitting in is also God. Your Dog is also God, of course. Everything and Nothing is God. Even the spaces between things are God.

It is very much like a hologram. If you are familiar with the physics behind these laser created 3D images, it seems that if you create a 3D holographic image of a rose, and then you cut that image in half,  you can still see the 3D rose. In fact, you can continue to cut the image into smaller and smaller bits, you will still see smaller, but intact, images of the 3D rose. Every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

(If you are a bit of a geek like me and love the science behind our spirituality, read the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot)

This is why I say: God that I am. God that I am in.

This mantra reminds me that God is in me and I am in God. When I align and polish the five aspects it aligns my inner hologram with the greater hologram of God the images are magnified and I can “see” the image of God within me.

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